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Ford Focus won’t start

Diagnose and fix Ford Focus won’t start condition

Ford has issued a service bulletin #15-0048 to address a Ford Focus won’t start condition on the vehicles listed below:

2014 Ford Focus

2015 C-MAX, Escape

Vehicles built on 10/1/2014 through 11/30/14

What causes Ford Focus won’t start condition?

The issue covered in this bulletin is a won’t start due to a no crank condition where the start does not rotate the engine when commanded by the keyless start button. In addition to a no crank starter, the other electrical accessories don’t work. If your Ford Focus or C-MAX won’t start or your C-MAX won’t start and has the following issues and has the above build date, this technical service bulletin #15-004 applies to you.

• No crank

• Remote key does not lock or unlock the doors

• Hazard warning light don’t work

• Interior lights don’t work

• Turn signals don’t work

• Horn doesn’t work

• No communication on the digital bus

Fix Ford Focus won’t start condition

Ford has determined that the body control module is

ford focus won't start

Body control module

the cause of the Ford Focus won’t start condition for the vehicles listed above.

The part numbers for replacement body control modules:

F1FZ-14A068-D Body control module  C-MAX

F1FZ-14A068-E Body control module Ford Focus

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