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Ford Fusion Vibration

Cause of Ford Fusion Vibration in Park

Ford has issued a service bulletin #16-0095 to address a Ford Fusion Vibration in park condition. The bulletin applies to 2014-16 Ford Fusion vehicles with the 1.5L GTDI engine. The fix does NOT apply if the vehicle has heated seats, so double check that before proceeding. The symptom appears as an engine vibration at idle with the transmission in PARK. The vibration may be worse with the AC on.

Fix vibration Ford Fusion

The newly designed pulley has a larger diameter that Ford has determine helps reduce engine vibration.

CJ5Z-10344-B    Generator Pulley

ford fusion vibration

Remove generator pulley

ford fusion vibration

CJ5Z-10344-B new pulley

BR3Z-10325-A   Generator Cap

fusion vibration

BR3Z-10325-A end cap


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