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Ford hesitation problem

Ford hesitation problem

Some Ford V-6 3.0L engines can develop a Ford hesitation problem caused by a worn or intermittent camshaft position sensor (CMP), also called a camshaft synchronizer. This sensor is known for high failure rates. The Ford hesitation problem can display itself as a hesitation at a certain engine RPM, show a P0340 trouble code, or cause a chirping noise.

One way to isolate the cause to the synchronizer is to unplug it and then drive the vehicle. The computer will substitute its own values for the sensor reading. Of course, it will also set a trouble code. But if the hesitation goes away, you know the synchronizer is bad.

The camshaft synchronizer must be aligned properly when replaced to achieve proper timing. Some replacement parts come with the alignment tool. Follow the instruction in the shop manual to align it with the tool.

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Ford hesitation problem, camshaft synchronizer

Ford camshaft synchronizer with alignment tool



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