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Ford instrument cluster problems

Instrument cluster problems Edge, Explorer and Lincoln MKX

Ford has issued a service bulletin #13-11-18 to address a problem with the instrument panel cluster display goes blank intermittently on the vehicles listed below.

2013 Ford Edge

2014 Ford Explorer

2013 Lincoln MKX

The bulletin applies to the above vehicles built from 6/14/2013 to 6/28/2013, and also applies to vehicles with the dual information displays in the IPC and built from 6/14/2013 to 8/23/2013.

Instrument cluster problems appear as intermittently blank screen

The dead instrument cluster symptoms appear and the cluster goes blank intermittently.

instrument cluster problems Ford

Instrument cluster problems ford

Fix for instrument cluster problems

IMPORTANT: Do NOT replace the instrument cluster! The problem is caused by faulty software. The fix is to reprogram the cluster with the latest calibration.

Where to get the updated software

Any Ford dealer or independent repair shop that offers software updating services can reprogram the instrument cluster. The typical charge runs from $150 to $250.

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