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Ford Lug Nuts

Replace Ford Lug Nuts

Ford 2-piece lug nut rust problems

In an effort to save money, Ford started

Ford 2-piece lug nut

Ford 2-piece lug nut

using a 2-piece lug nut. The nut itself is steel but it’s capped in a chrome shell for appearance. Unfortunately, the shell isn’t sealed to the lug nut so water can seep between the two pieces and rust the steel portion.

Rust expands as it forms. This expansion is referred to as “rust jacking” and the expansion force can actually bend metal. That’s what happens to 2-piece Ford lug nuts. The rust causes the outer shell to swell.

Problems caused by swollen Ford lug nuts

The rust jacking causes the 2-piece lug nuts to swell about

Swollen Ford lug nut

Swollen Ford lug nut after its been chiseled away to allow for a socket to fit

.5mm, so a 19mm or 21mm standard lug nut socket no longer fits over the lug nut hex. Shops can try using a fractional size, that that often results in rounding over the hex shoulders on the chrome shell.

In many cases, the shop must chisel off the chrome shell to gain access to hex flats on the lug nut.

How to solve the Ford lug nut problem

Any auto parts store can set you up with a single piece solid acorn style lug nut to replace your factory Ford 2-piece lug nuts.

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