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Ford seatbelt chime

Disable Ford Seatbelt Chime

If you’re annoyed by the seatbelt chime, you can disable it. Follow these steps EXACTLY to disable or enable  the Ford seatbelt chime reminder.

You must perform this procedure for each front seatbelt you want to disable or re-enable.

• First, set the parking brake
• Next, make sure the transmission is in PARK
• The ignition must be off before you start the procedure. You will turn in on later in the process
• All doors must be closed
• Unfasten the driver and front passenger side seatbelt

Procedure to disable Ford seatbelt chime reminder

1) Switch the ignition to ON, but DO NOT START ENGINE. On a push to start vehicle, do not depress the brake pedal before pressing the start button on.

The seatbelt warning light will illuminate and the chime will sound. Wait for the seat belt warning light to turn off before. As soon as it turns off, wait an additional 5-second before moving to step 3.

NOTE: Once you start Step 3, you must complete the entire procedure within 30 seconds, so read through the entire procedure first.

3) For the seatbelt position you are trying to disable,

• Fasten then unfasten the seatbelt three times at a moderate speed, ending with the seatbelt in the unfastened state.

• The seatbelt warning light will illuminate

• Fasten then unfasten the seatbelt one more time.

• The seatbelt warning light will flash to confirm.

• The seatbelt warning flash confirms the procedure is complete

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