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Ford Taurus windows don’t work

Windows work intermittently on Ford Taurus

If you have an issue where your Ford Taurus windows don’t work or the windows don’t work intermittently, here’s your list of things to check. The problem may appear as none of the windows working or the ONE TOUCH feature doesn’t work.

power windows don't work

Ford GEM Module

In the old days, all power window wiring went through the master switch. It switched power and ground to the window regulator motors. But those days are gone. Now, switches just act as inputs to body control modules and, in Ford’s case, a generic electronic module (GEM). It’s the GEM that actually controls the power after input from the switches. That doesn’t mean a switch can’t go bad however,

So the diagnosis get a bit harder. A pro would plug in a scan tool and see if the GEM module is getting the proper command from the door switches. If so, that confirms the switches and wiring are good. Then they would conduct voltage tests to see if the power is getting from the GEM to the window regulator motor.

If you don’t have a scan tool capable of doing two-way communications with the PCM, here are some things you can check on your own.

1) The underdash fuse panel (called the cabin junction box or sub junction box) is known for early failure. Check for corrosion as it can cause intermittent operation. Tap on these junction boxes to see if the windows operate. If so, you may have corroded connections.


2) Some shops report a wiring connection problem inside the driver’s door that can cause this condition. The connection is in the main electrical connector to the driver’s master switch. Wiggle the wires and try operating the windows. If you find an intermittent connection, fix it.


3) Check the ground wire to the power windows. It’s located in the door jamb rubber boot in the hinge area. This wire can break from the constant flexing when opening and closing the door.


4) Check for any other electrical oddities. For example, the GEM module controls other devices. Shop report that a faulty transmission range selector can short internally. That would affect the radio and put the GEM into logic lock. If you have ANY other electrical problems, isolate them first.

5) Finally, check the GEM for signs of water instruction from a leaking windshield seal.

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