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Ford won’t start

Why won’t my Ford start

If you own an older Ford vehicle with a distributor and your Ford won’t start, you may have a bad ignition module. These vehicles were equipped with an ignition module that was very prone to failure without any warning.TFI module, ignition module, thick film module, no spark, no start

The module is mounted to the side of the distributor and is very easy to replace. The one catch is that you need a special 5.5mm socket to remove the screws (I know—why do they do these crazy things?). If you were driving the vehicle and it dies or doesn’t start after running just fine, and you’re no longer getting any spark, suspect the Thin-Film ignition module. The module shown above is available from www.rockauto.com for $24.

To replace, just remove the screws and pull the module down. It unclips from the pickup inside the distributor. The new module will come with a packet of thermal grease. Apply the grease to the metal heat dissipating pad on the back of the new module.


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