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Fuel gauge drops to empty—Chrysler Minivan

Why does my fuel gauge drops to empty after a fill up?

Before you read this fix, read my article on how the Chrysler LDP EVAP system works. Then the fix will make a little more sense.

The vent hose from the LDP to the vent filter is either pinched or the filter is plugged. Since the EVAP test doesn’t run nearly as often as the purge cycle, chances are the purge solenoid is trying to pull gas vapors out of the canister. The canister gets its fresh air from the vent valve and hose at the LDP. If it cannot get fresh air, it creates a vacuum inside the tank. That vacuum sucks the bottom of the gas tank upwards, distorting the sending and causing the gauge to read empty.

Check the condition of the vent hose and the filter. Disconnect it from the LDP and see if the problem disappears.


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