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G3000 Brake Rotor Material

What is G3000 Brake Rotor Material?

Brake rotors are made from gray cast iron. Gray iron has a graphitic misconstruction; that’s what give it it’s gray color. The raw materials contain iron, carbon, graphite, silica and pearlite. However G3000 is a brake rotor formula that contains a higher percentage of carbon to give added strength and sound damping qualities.

G3000 brake rotor

A G3000-qualified brake rotor contains certain raw materials that comply with industry standards. It is a high carbon mix containing:

• Carbon 3.10%-3.40%
• Silicon 1.90%-2.30%
• Manganese 0.60%-0.90%
• Sulfur Max 0.15%
• Phosphorus Max 0.15%,
For a total Carbon equivalent of 3.9%-4.15%.

Graphitic microstructure is 2.5% – 4.0% Carbon, and 1% – 3% Silicone.  Silicone acts as a graphite stabilizing element, to enable the alloy to produce graphite instead of iron carbides.

g3000 brake rotor

G3000 brake rotor properties

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