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Gas nozzle shuts off before tank is full

Gas nozzle shuts off before tank is full

Gas nozzle shuts off – Escape/Mercury

If the Gas nozzle shuts off before your tank is full on a Ford Escape or Mercury Mariner, Ford has issued a TSB #05-18-4 with a fix for slow fuel filling. If the fuel nozzle shuts off frequently while filling, you may have to perform this fix. Ford has identified the fuel tank filler pipe as the problem. The revis
ed pipe has a better curvature to speed the fill rate and prevent the automatic nozzle from shutting off too soon.

The new fill pipe takes about ½ hour to install. Ford cautions that this fixes the problem in most cases. However, if the gas station’s nozzle have a flow rate beyond that recommended by the Dept of Transportation, you may encounter the same problem. In that case, notify the gas station operator or switch to a different station.


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