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Gauges on dashboard don’t work

Fix dash Gauges that don’t work

Owners of 2005 Buick Allure and LaCrosse models and 2004-05 Pontiac Grand Prix models with the 3.8L engine may find their gauges on dashboard don’t work. In addition they may experience engine stall accompanied by instrument gauges dropping to zero. The speedometer and tachometer may continue to operate normally at this time. In addition, the low fuel indicator light may come on.

The condition is caused by intermittent high resistance between the negative battery cable and the right side frame rail. To repair, remove the cable, clean the surfaces of any corrosion and apply a coating of dielectric grease. The TSB states that it is EXTREMELY important that you use a torque wrench when retightening this cable. The spec is 89-106 INCH lbs.

GM is also recommending a PCM software update. Consult TSB 05-06-037 for details on the software update.


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