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GM airbag light on

Fix GM airbag light on

GM has issued a service bulletin PIT5564C to address a GM airbag light on on the vehicles listed below. When checking with a scan tool you may see one or more of the following airbag related trouble codes:

B0012 B0013 B0014 B0015 B0019 B0020 B0021 and/or B0022

Vehicles affected by PIT5564C

2007-2020 Cadillac Escalade Models
2007-2013 Chevrolet  Avalanche
2007-2018 Chevrolet  Silverado
2019 Chevrolet Silverado LD
2019 Chevrolet  Silverado 2500/3500
2007-2020 Chevrolet  Suburban
2007-2020 Chevrolet  Tahoe
2007-2018 GMC Sierra
2019 GMC Sierra Limited
2019 GMC  Sierra 2500/3500
2007-202 GMC  Yukon Models
2014-2017 Holden   VF/WN

Cause of GM airbag light on

GM has determined that these airbag trouble codes can be caused by interference from an aftermarket USB and/or phone charger plugged into the 12 volt power outlet. The solid-state electronics in the charger can cause excessive airbag loop resistance or varying resistance.

Start your diagnostics by unplugging all aftermarket plugin or add on electrical accessories. The clear the codes and see if they return. If they do, replace the devices one at a time until you identify the problem device.

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