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GM Service bulletin 18-NA-246 for P0172 trouble code

Service bulletin 18-NA-246 fix for P0172 trouble code on 2.0L LTG series engine

GM has issued service bulletin 18-NA-246 to address a P0172


2_0 LTG engine

trouble code on all 2016-2018 Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and GMC vehicles equipped with the 2.0L LTG  engine

Cause of P0172

GM states that driving the vehicle in short intervals may not allow crankcase temperatures to rise to the point of evaporating water and gas from a cold start-up. The excessive fuel collects in the crankcase. To correct the problem, change the oil and filter.

Preventing P0172

On cold startups the ECM commands a full rich mixture to enable combustion in a cold engine. Even though the engines are fairly new, come uncombusted air/fuel moves past the piston rings as blowby. Prevent the P0172 condition by driving the vehicle until it reaches full operating temperature. That will heat up the oil in the crankcase to the point where it will evaporate off the excess fuel.

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