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Hard start, clicking noise – Ford Truck

Hard start, clicking noise – Ford Truck

Ford has issued a service bulletin to address a Hard start, clicking noise on the vehicles listed below. The hard start, clicking noise may also log P0144A, P0171, P0174, P0316, P1450 trouble codes and turn on the check engine light. The clicking noise appears to come from the engine compartment. The hard starti condition appears more often after refueling.

2009-10 F-150 pickups,

2009-11 Ford E-series vans, Expedition, Lincoln Navigators

2011-F-250 and F-350

Ford has determined that a defective evaporative emissions canister purge valve is most likely causing the problems. Install a revised purge valve based on the vehicle parts listing below.

purge valve, ford purge valve

Purge valve

Year/Model/Engine Part No.

2009-10 F-150 4.6L (2V) 9L3Z-9E730-F

2009-10 F-150 4.6L (3V) 9L3Z-9E730-G

2009-10 F-150 5.4L 9L3Z-9E730-C

2009-11 E-series van 4.6L 9C2Z-9C915-C

2009-11 E-series van 5.4L 9C-2Z-9C915-A

2009-11 E-series van 6.8L 9C2Z-9C915-E

2009-11 Expedition, Navigator 5.4L 9L3Z-9E730-C

2011 F-250, F-350 6.2L 9U5Z-9C915-BE

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