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Hard start, no start, GM Minivans

Fix a hard start or no start condition on GM Minivans

GM is reporting hard start and no start starting problems and weird electrical symptoms on some 2005-06 GM minivans. You may encounter a no-start or a very difficult time starting, along with stalling. Also, you might see inoperative or erratic operation of the following warning lights: Check Engine, ABS and traction control (TCS) light, service traction system (STS), and all-wheel drive (AWD). To make matters worse, the traction control system may activate on its own and store several trouble codes in the computer.

GM has found that these problems stem from corrosion and spread terminals in a connector that’s located on the floor, to the rear of the driver’s seat. If the connector is corroded, find the source of the water leak (or tell the kids to stop dumping their drinks on the floor). If the terminals are spread, DO NOT try to straighten them. Get a new connector! GM has issued a terminal repair kit for this problem.

These are the vehicles that have the problem connector:
2000-04 Olds Silhouettes
2000-05 Chevy Ventures and
Pontiac Montanas
2001-05 Pontiac Azteks
2002-06 Buick Rendezvous
2005-06 Buick Terrazas, Chevy
Uplanders and Pontiac Montana


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