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Headlight doesn’t work Dodge Caravan

Fix Headlights don’t work Dodge Caravan

If you own a 2001-02 Dodge Caravan or Plymouth Voyager and you’re having trouble with your headlights, your problem may be a bad circuit board in the Integrated Power Module (IPM). Chrysler has been having LOTs of problems with these circuit boards corroding. The circuit is somewhat complicated, but here’s the quick description. The headlight switch does NOT actually switch power to the headlights. It’s just a signal to the body control system. The body control system uses a high speed data circuit to send digital commands to the Front Control Module (FCM), located in the IPM. The FCM is basically a relay that operates from the digital commands given to in by the body system.

So if you have headlights that doen’t work, or one works and the other doesn’t, or one is dim while the other is bright, here’s what to check. Remove the FCM and you’ll see a row of 9 pins. Pin #9 is closest to the left fender. Pin #3 is for the left low beam. Pin #4 is for the right high beam. Pin #5 is the left high beam. Pin #6 is for the right low beam. Using a jumper wire, apply battery power to each pin to see if the headlight bulb lights up. If it does, that means the wiring and bulb are good, but the IPM is bad.


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