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Headlights won’t turn off – Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable

Headlights turn off

If you turn off your headlights won’t turn off and they refuse to cooperate, this just may be the fix you’re looking for. First, pull the fuse for the headlights. If they go out, you’ve just ruled out a short in the fuse box. Next, head right for the daytime running lights module (DRL). It’s located under the battery in the left front fender below the headlight and it’s attached to the radiator support. (Could they have made this any more difficult?) With the fuse still out, check the wires and the connector for any signs of shorting or fraying. If they check out, reinstall the fuse and use your voltmeter to get a voltage reading from the case of the DRL to the chassis. If you do get a reading, it means the case has lost its ground connection. Disconnect the electrical connector, remove the DRL, clean the mounting area and remount it. If the voltage reading falls to 0 and the lights are still on, the DRL has an internal short and must be replaced

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