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Honda civic window falls off track

My window fell off the track on my Honda Civic

Honda has issued a technical service bulletin # 06-014 to address a Honda civic window falls off track issue on the vehicles listed below

2006-08 Civic 4-Door – ALL Japan-Produced (VIN begins with JHM)
2007-08 Civic Hybrid – ALL
2009 Civic Hybrid – From VIN JHMFA3…98000001 thru JHMFA3…98019119*

If you own a Honda Civic and the river’s or front passenger’s door window comes out of the run channel, or  binds and then stalls when you try to close the window, this is the fix.honda civic window regulator

Obtain the parts from HONDA.

1. Remove the appropriate front inner door panel:
2. Remove the door glass:
3. Replace the glass run channel. Lightly coat the inside of the glass run channel with Shin Etsu silicone grease.
4. Replace the window regulator and the door glass with new parts:
5. Adjust the window to make sure the glass is pushed to the back of the door, then tighten the glass mounting bolts:
6. Reassemble the remaining parts in the reverse order of removal.
7. Do the power window control unit reset procedure:

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