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Honda Fit Misfire Codes

Diagnose and fix Honda Fit Misfire Codes

Honda has issued a service bulletin 16-034 to address Honda Fit Misfire Codes that may be random or specific on the vehicles listed below. The trouble codes are: P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304, P0420. Not surprisingly, Honda recommends checking the condition of the spark plugs and ignition coils as your first step. But shops are reporting that the real problem is defective fuel injectors that clog with carbon and must be replaced. That’s a very pricey repair.

Honda Fit Vehicles Affected by service bulletin 16-034

2015 Honda Fit All trim packages and all VINs

2016 Honda Fit ALL trim package VIN ranges 3HG……GM700001 thru 3HG……GM704625 and JHM……GX000001 thru JHM……GX026880

Diagnose Honda Fit Misfire Codes

If you have a P0300 or P0420 trouble code, you should direct your attention to the fuel injectors since those codes affect all cylinders. A P0300 random misfire code can easily cause the P0420 catalytic converter code, so fix the P0420 code first. A high end 16010-5R1-315 Honda fuel injectors aprofessional scan tool can determine whether the problem is ignition (spark or coil) related or fuel injector. Unless you have high miles on all the spark plugs, spark plugs usually don’t produce a P0300 misfire code. If you don’t have access to such a tool, it might be worth paying a shop to do the diagnosis for you. In most cases, you’ll have to replace ALL FOUR fuel injectors with an updated style. You’ll also need a new fuel joint pipe

Fuel Injector Set #16010-5R1-315

Fuel Joint Pipe Set #16012-5R1-305

The best way to replace the fuel injectors is to remove the entire intake manifold.

If you have a specific cylinder misfire like P0301, P0302, P0303 or P0304, try swapping the ignition coils and see if the misfire moves to the new cylinder. If so, replace the ignition coil.

Ignition Coil 30520-5R0-013

Spark Plug 12290-5R0-003

Throttle Body Gasket 17107-5R0-004

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