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Honda hard to shift

Fix a Honda that’s hard to shift

Honda has issued a technical service bulletin #07-037 to address a Honda hard to shift issue on 2003-05 Honda Civic Hybrid with CVT transmissions. The Honda hard to shift issue is caused by corrosion in the joint between the shift cable and control lever. The corrosion is caused by road salt. The fix is the replace the shift cable and lever with revised components.

Control Wire and Lever Set (includes shift cable and control lever):

#04401-S5B-305, H/C 8619108

Lock Washer (6 mm):

#90433-639-000, H/C 0560433

Hex Bolt (6 mm):

#90001-PA9-000, H/C 0896209

Super High-Temp Urea Grease

#08798-9002, H/C 3720984


Here are the repair steps:


1) Remove center panel and the center console

2) Move shift lever to the N position

3) Remove the shift cable end locknut and then remove the cable end from the shift lever.

4) Rotate the cable ¼-turn so the socket holder pops out of the shift lever bracket

5) From under the vehicle, remove the nuts and bolts holding the shift cable in its brackets.

6) Pull the cable out of the passenger compartment through the grommet

7) From under the hood, remove the air cleaner housing and intake air duct

8) At the transmission, remove the spring clip, washers and cable from the transmission control lever.

9) Make indexing marks on the transmission range switch so you can re-install it in the same location. Then remove the switch.

10) Remove the bolt and old control lever from the transmission shift shaft.

11) Install the new shift control lever and apply the urea grease to the lever pin. Re-secure the cable with the washers and spring clip. Then re-install the transmission range switch

12) Connect the new cable to the transmission and run into the passenger compartment, securing it along the way.

13) Secure the shift lever by inserting a 6-mm (.024) pin in the positioning hole.

14) Rotate the shift cable socket holder into the cable bracket base, attach to the shifter, and apply the lock nut.



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