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Honda Odyssey Sliding door doesn’t work

Diagnose and fix Honda Odyssey sliding door doesn’t work

Honda has issued a service bulletin #08-078 to address a Honda Odyssey sliding door doesn’t work issue. The bulletin applies to all 2005-09 Honda Odyssey vehicles.

Honda lists a whole host of symptoms that can be traced to a single cause. If you have any of these symptoms read this post:

• Power door locks do not work from the driver’s door switch panel.

• Keyless entry does not work.

• Front windshield wipers operate at low speed only.

• Rear windshield wiper does not work.

• Headlights operate in low beam only.

• Trouble code B1005: MICU lost communication with relay control module.

• Trouble code B1006: MICU lost communication with door multiplex control unit (door lock switch  message).

• Trouble code B1007: MICU lost communication with combination switch control unit (headlight switch


• Trouble code B1008: MICU lost communication with gauge control module (A/T message).

• Trouble code B1012: MICU lost communication with MICUrear junction box (RJU message).

• B-CAN communication is interrupted

Repair Honda Odyssey sliding door problem

Honda has determined that the cause water entering connector C701 that’s located behind the left rear side trim panel. To fix the problem, seal the power sliding door rear pulley mount, reposition the foam block, dry connector C701, and apply dielectric grease to the connector.

You’ll need Lithium Dielectric Grease: and 3M Super Silicone Sealer:

Step by step repair

Remove the driver’s side rear trim panel

Remove the two screws holding the power sliding door control unit. Move the sliding door control unit out of the way

Honda Odyssey sliding door

Honda sliding door control unit

With the control unit removed, spray the outside of the vehicle around the driver’s side rear window and the center rail cover. Check for leaks inside the compartment. If you see water entering, you must seal.

Remove the driver’s side tail light

Remove the two self tapping screws holding the center rail cover in place and remove the cover below the driver’s side rear window

From inside the vehicle, remove three nuts holding the rear pulley mount. Move the mount away from the body. Clean and dry the surface. Then apply the silicone sealer to rear pulley mount where the gasket has failed.

Honda Odyssey sliding door

Honda Odyssey pulley mount

Reinstall the pulley mount and torque the nuts to 7.2 ft/lbs

Remove the foam block that sits below the siding door control unit. Rotate the foam block so the original top side now faces the body of the vehicle. Angle the front of the block down toward the front of the vehicle. Leave a 1” space for the connector C701.

Disconnect connector C701 from the control unit. Using compressed air, dry the connector. Then apply lithium dielectric grease to the connector.

Reassemble the connector and reinstall the sliding door control unit.

Reinstall the trim and the center rail cover

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