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Honda Rattle

Honda Element Rattle and Honda CR-V Rattle Fix

If you have a Honda Element Rattle or a Honda CR-V Rattle and the noise is coming from the rear of the vehicle near the rear differential, chances are you’re looking at a worn Rear Differential Dynamic Damper. This component isolates vibration from the rear differential and prevents it from transferring to the body.

The Honda Element Rattle and Honda CR-V Rattle happen when the rubber bushing wears out and the two parts contact each other making a metal-to-metal rattle.

Honda rear differential damper

Fix for Honda Element Rattle and Honda CR-V Rattle

Replace the Rear Differential Dynamic Damper

Buy a replacement rear differential dynamic damper from Honda (part# 50716-S9A-000 $117.42 or Dormanproducts.com (part # 924-441 $50 from Amazon). Here’s where it is on the vehicle:

Honda rattle
How to replace the rear dampener

Remove the bolt from the damper. Swap in the new part

install rear damper
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