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Honda uses too much oil

Honda oil consumption problems

Honda has issued a service bulletin to address Honda oil consumption problems on the following vehicles all with the V6 engine:

2008-11 Accords and Odyssey minivans
2009-11 Pilot SUVs and 2010-11 Accord Crosstour crossover models

The vehicles may also have a check engine light and P3400 or P3497 codes stored in memory.

Honda suspects the oil consumption problem is caused by the variable cylinder management (VCM) system that engages more frequently than it was designed to. You may encounter more oil consumption problems if you do a lot of light-throttle cruising on flat roads.

DON’T start replacing parts. Honda has issued a software update to fix the problem. Contact your Honda dealer or any reputable shop that’s capable of doing flash updates. The cost should be less than $150

Posted on by Rick Muscoplat

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