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Horn doesn’t work — Chrysler Minivan

Horn doesn’t work — Chrysler Minivan

If you own a Chrysler minivan and the horn doesn’t work, this may be the fix for you. The power to the horn switch flows through the clockspring and everyone knows Chrysler has had plenty of problems with them . But before you yank the steering wheel, check the connector at the bottom of the steering column.

Power down the airbag system by disconnecting the battery. Then disconnect the electrical connector at the base of the steering column that contains the Dark Green/Violet wire. Reconnect the battery terminals and check for voltage on that wire. If you have voltage, jumper it to ground. That should activate the horn. If it does, you know that the problem is either in the wiring from that connector up to the clockspring, the clockspring itself, a bad horn switch, or bad ground.


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