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How much does a Brake fluid flush cost?

Brake fluid flush cost in time and materials

Brake fluid flush costs range from $79 to $200

A brake fluid flush usually takes slightly less than an hour if all the bleeder fittings operate properly. However, it can take longer if the bleeder are rusted shut and the technician must use some gently”persuasion.” In a worse case scenario, the technician may have to drill out a stuck bleeder or even replace the entire brake caliper.

What’s involved in a brake fluid flush and how does that relate to brake fluid flush cost?

Do you need a brake fluid flush? Here’s how to know for sure

Here’s a typical brake fluid flush

Technician fills a canister with fresh brake fluid and connects

brake flud flush adapter

Brake fluid flush adapter fitted to the master cylinder reservoir

an adapter to your master cylinder reservoir. They then use an air hose to charge the canister with air pressure to about 15-psi. That inflates a bladder inside the canister to exert pressure on the fluid.

brake fluid pressure bleeder

Pressurized brake fluid bleeder

The technician raises the vehicle and attaches a drain tube and drain bottle to one of the bleeder screws on a rear wheel.

brake fluid drain bottle

They open the bleeder screw and drain the fluid until the color changes, indicating that fresh fluid as reached the brake

They repeat this procedure on each of the other wheels.

Brake fluid flush cost

Here’s how the brake fluid flush costs break down:

Labor is generally .75 to 1 hour at the shop’s normal hourly rate

Fluid cost is usually 1-2 quarts costing around $30

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