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How to calculate gas mileage

Calculate gas mileage

Average fuel MPG is never correct

Many vehicles have an AVERAGE FUEL MPG display. average Miles per gallonYour vehicle’s computer ESTIMATES your average fuel MPG based on how you’ve driven your car in the past. But that method is never as accurate as calculating your actual fuel mileage yourself. Why?

Because the fuel tank level sensor isn’t that accurate. It can measure fuel level to the nearest 1/8th tank, but that’s not good enough to get an accurate read of your actual MPG.

Here’s now to calculate your actual gas mileage

1) Fill your fuel tank until the nozzle shuts off by itself. Do NOT continue to fill.
2) Reset the trip odometer
3) Drive until you need more fuel
4) Fill the tank again until the nozzle shuts off by itself
5) Note the number of gallons (including tenths of a gallon) from the gas pump display.
6) Divide the miles traveled (from the trip odometer) by the number of gallons needed to fill the tank.

You traveled 362 miles since the last fill up
You filled the tank and it took 10.2 gallons of gas
362/10.2= 35.49 miles per gallon

Repeat the test four or five times to give you a better idea of your average MPG.

Note: MPG varies based on how you drive and whether you’re using winter or summer gas. MPG will ALWAYS go down in winter because the fuel is different and it takes more energy to warm a cold engine.

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