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Hyundai Accent P0707, P0708, P1529

Hyundai Accent P0707, P0708, P1529

Hyundai service bulletin 03-40-001

Hyundai has issued a service bulletin 03-40-001 to address trouble codes P0707, P0708, P1529 on 2000-02 Hyundai Accent vehicles. You may find a check engine light along with the following trouble codes along with a harsh shift and transmission sticking in 3rd gear (fail safe mode)

P0707 (Transaxle range switch – Open circuit)
P0708 (Transaxle range switch – Short circuit)
P1529 (M/L-on request signal to ECM)
P1586 (Encoding signal circuit not rational)

Fix for Hyundai Accent P0707, P0708, P1529

Hyundai has determined that some 2000-02 Hyundai Accent vehicles produced through April 30, 2002 have developed ATM diode pin corrosion in the wiring harness located behind the dash panel. This is caused by water from the cowling top panel entering through an improperly sealed control wiring harness grommet.

1) Open the hood and remove the two 10mm mounting nuts that secure the harness grommet to the dash panel.

Hyundai dash grommet

Pull out the grommet and locate the ATM diode which is wrapped with yellow tape. Remove the yellow tape

2) Insert a screwdriver into the diode holder to pry the diode from the holder.

Hyundai service bulletin 03-40-001
3) Using electrical contact cleaner, remove all signs of corrosion from the diode and the terminals in the connector
4) Apply dielectric grease to the terminals before inserting the new ATM diode (P/N 91789-34200) into the diode connector

Hyundai ATM diode
5) Secure the new diode with waterproof tape.
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