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Hyundai no start

Hyundai no start due to INHIBITOR SWITCH

Hyundai code P0705, P0706, P0707 & P0708

Hyundai has issued a service bulletin #15-AT-001 to address a Hyundai no start issue with the Hyundai Inhibitor switch where the vehicle won’t crank, or displays the incorrect gear. In addition, the computer may store Hyundai code P0705, P0706, P0707 & P0708

The Hyundai inhibitor switch is really a fancy name for a transmission range selector/park/neutral switch. It tells the computer what gear you’re in and prevents starting in any gear other than park or neutral. In park and neutral, the PCM will provide ground to the starter motor relay control coil, allowing the contacts to close and send power to the starter solenoid. And the Hyundai inhibitor switch also communicates to the computer the proper gear to display on your instrument cluster.

The Hyundai inhibitor switch sits atop the transmission and can be faulty, out of adjustment or have a wiring or terminal issue.

If the check engine light is on, you may find any of these Hyundai codes stored in the computer:

P0705 – Range switch sensor circuit
P0706 – Range switch range/performance
P0707 – Range switch – open circuit
P0708 – Range switch – short circuit or multiple inputs

The bulletin affects the following vehicles:

2010 Santa Fe (CM)
2011 Tucson (LM), Sonata (YF/YF HEV) , Elantra (UD/MD) & Azera (TG)
2012 Accent (RB), Azera (HG)
2013 Veloster Turbo (FS), Elantra Coupe (JK), Elantra GT (GD) and Santa Fe (AN/NC)
2015 Sonata (LF)

Inhibitor switch 42700-3B100

Inhibitor switch 42700-3B100

Hyundai no start

Inhibitor switch 42700-26000



If you have a scan tool, turn the ignition key to the ON position or push the Start/Stop Button two times without depressing the brake pedal. Then check for transmission related trouble codes. Note any found.

Then move to live data and move the shift lever through all gears (P, R, N and D) and monitor the data to ensure it matches with the visual markings on the shifter.

If the Shift Lever Switch data corresponds with the actual position of the shifter, the wiring currently has no open/short circuits.

Next, turn the ignition switch to the ON position and place the shift lever in P and N. Confirm the indicator lights in the dash cluster show the correct gear in P and N. If P and N are displayed, Check the TCU and TCU2 fuse in the junction box in the engine compartment:

  • Check the fuse for an open circuit.
  • Check the fuse for correct capacity.
  • Check the fuse holder for a tight fit.
  • Check for loose or damaged wires.

If damage or intermittent open circuit is found, repair or replace the junction box and front harness.

Next Check the rear combination lamp ground for tightness.

Turn the ignition and headlights on. Use a DVOM to check the voltage drop between the combination lamp wiring terminal and ground.

Specification: Less than 0.2 V.
If more than 0.2V, clean the terminal and bolt
threads and tighten the bolt.

If P or N are not displayed, move on to these tests.

Apply the parking brake and move the shift lever to the “N” position.
Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position.
Remove the air duct and air cleaner, if needed, to access the inhibitor switch. Or, remove the battery, if needed, to access the inhibitor switch.
Remove 2 bolts to the air cleaner.
Remove 4 bolts to the battery tray and remove the battery tray. Move the battery tray aside to gain access to the inhibitor switch.
Disconnect the inhibitor switch connector and check the connector for bent or damaged pins. If bent, repair the connector.
Check the alignment of the inhibitor switch by installing a 5mm bolt in the inhibitor switch bolt hole closest to the front of the vehicle. If the alignment is correct, replace the inhibitor switch. Then clear the Hyundai codes and test start the vehicle.


2012 Accent (RB) 42700-26500
2011 Azera (TG) 42700-3B500
2012 Azera (HG) 42700-3B500
2011 Elantra (MD/UD) 42700-26500
2013 Elantra Coupe (JK) 42700-26500
2013 Elantra GT (GD) 42700-26500
201012 Santa Fe (CM) 42700-3B010
2013 Santa Fe (AN/NC) 42700-3B500
2011 Sonata (YF) 42700-26500
2011 Sonata Turbo (YF) 42700-26500
2011 Sonata HEV (YF HEV) 42700-26500
2015 Sonata (LF) 42700-3B500
2010 Tucson (LM) 42700-3B500

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