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Hyundai P0106

Hyundai P0106 Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Circuit trouble code

Shops report a fairly high incidence of Hyundai P0106 codes. Before you automatically condemn the MAP sensor, conduct these tests to rule out wiring harness and throttle body issues.

Using a digital multimeter, back probe terminal #1 Blue Orange wire at the MAP sensor with the engine running at idle and again at engine off. The reading should be around 1.37 volts at idle and about 4 volts key on engine off. Also verify a 5 volt reference at terminal 2 Blue wire and a good ground at terminal 4 Black wire.

map sensor wiring diagram

If the MAP voltage is slightly high at idle, that means engine vacuum is low. Check for incorrect camshaft timing or dirty throttle body.

Start by checking the voltages shown above. If they’re good, clean the throttle body. Clear the code and disconnect the battery terminals to clear the adaptive memory. Touch the two disconnected terminals together for about 3- minutes. Then reconnect and drive the vehicle. See if the code comes back. If it does, replace the MAP sensor.


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