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Hyundai P0705, P0707, P0708

Hyundai P0705, P0707, P0708

Hyundai service bulletin 09-AT-013

Hyundai has issued a technical service bulletin #09-AT-013) to address a Hyundai P0705, P0707, P0708 condition on all models except VERACRUZ AND GENESIS

If you find a check engine light and any of these trouble codes and find it difficult to start the engine in park or neutral, read this entire service bulletin.

• P0705 – Range switch signal problem
• P0707 – Range switch – open circuit
• P0708 – Range switch – short circuit or multiple inputs

Transmission range selector may be cause of Hyundai P0705, P0707, P0708 codes

For 2000~02 Accent see Hyundai service bulletin 03-40-001 first. Then go to Step 2.

For 2006~ Sonata, follow steps a,b,c below, then go to Step 2.

a. Check the rear combination lamp ground bolts for tightness and good electrical contact

b. Check for contamination on the M40 connector located in the center console. Remove the center console cover and locate the M40 connector.

Hyundai M40 connector

If you find any, clean and repair the M40 connector. Then go to c).

c) For 2006~07 Sonata: Remove the front pillar cover and verify the harness
is properly routed near the clip. Make sure the harness isn’t pinched. Is so, fix it. Otherwise, go to Step 2
hyundai wiring harness pinched

Step 2 Hyundai P0705, P0707, P0708

Connect a scan tool to the vehicle, switch to live data and move the shift level through all positions. When the shift lever is in Park, the state should read P/N, Reverse should read R, Neutral should read P/N, Drive should read D. If so, that confirms there’s no open or short circuit between the PCM/TCM and range switch.

Next, adjust the transmission range selector with the shifter in the NEUTRAL position.

Insert a 5mm drill or M5 (5mm) bolt in the adjustment hole of the range switch. Check

hyundai transmission range selecto

that the drill or bolt fits
into the adjustment holes.

If the drill or bolt fits, Inspect the connector to the range switch for a bent pin or pin not fully
inserted and related wiring for an open or short circuit. If OK, replace the transmission range selector switch.

If the drill or bolt doesn’t fit, adjust the transmission range selector switch.

Loosen the two 10 mm mounting bolts. Then disconnect the shift cable at the lever. Insert a 5mm drill or M5 (5mm) bolt in the adjustment hole of the range switch. Tighten the two 10 mm mounting bolts to specification. Torque Specification: 7-8 lb ft. (10-12 Nm, 100-120 kg.cm)

Drive the vehicle two key-on to key-off drive cycles, including shifting to gears D, 3,
2, L (if equipped) and R. If the trouble code does not reset, the repair is complete.

If the codes reset repair or replace the control harness. If they still reset after replacing the harness, replace the TCM.

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