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Hyundai Sonata Hesitation

Fix for Hyundai Sonata Hesitation

Shops are finding a high incidence of Hyundai Sonata Hesitation issues. If you use a scan tool and look at the readings from the electronic accelerator pedal, you may see 0% accelerator pedal position (APP) pedal input even when you’re applying the pedal. If you read the rest of the live data, you may also find that brake pedal position (BPP) may also read as brake pedal applied. So, in effect, you’ve got an electronic accelerator pedal reporting no pedal application while getting a brake pedal on signal.

Replace brake pedal switch to fix Hyundai Sonata Hesitation

Upon further examination you may find that a very light brake


8T4Z-13480-A Brake switch

pedal application and release results in a brake pedal ON reading on your scan tool when it should be reading OFF. In this case, a worn brake pedal switch doesn’t return to the brake pedal off position on very light applications.  Replace the brake pedal switch and you should be back in business.

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