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Hyundai throttle body cleaning and relearn

Procedure to clean Hyundai throttle body and do an electronic throttle body relearn

Hyundai vehicles that exhibit a no start, rough idle, fluctuating idle, or Hyundai code may require a Hyundai throttle body cleaning and relearn procedure. The procedures described here are for the electronic throttle body used on the Theta 2.0L and 2.4L engines in the vehicles listed below.

2006-2010 NF Sonata 2.4L
2011 YF Sonata 2.4L
2010 CM Santa Fe 2.4L
2010 LM Tucson 2.4L
2009-2010 BK Genesis Coupe 2.0L

Hyundai throttle body cleaning may be indicated if you have the following symptoms:

No start (due to throttle valve stuck closed or air flow signifcantly restricted)
Rough idle or fluctuating engine speed at idle (due to air flow restricted)
P2118 or P2119 occurring along with P2110:
P2118: Throttle Actuator Control Motor Current Range/Performance
P2119: Throttle Actuator Control Throttle Body Range/Performance
P2110: Throttle Actuator Control System-Forced Limited Power

To clean the Hyundai electronic throttle body, purchase an aerosol can of throttle body cleaner and use a soft cloth. The throttle body must be removed from the vehicle, so it’s best to purchase a throttle body gasket as well.

1. Remove the breather hose and air intake hose.
2. With ignition key off disconnect the ETC connector from the throttle body.
3. Remove the 4 ETC throttle body mounting bolts and then pull out the ETC throttle
body away from the intake manifold.
NOTE: Do not disconnect the coolant hose from the ETC throttle body. It is not
necessary to remove the ETC throttle body completely from the vehicle for
4. Spray a carbon cleaner or throttle body cleaning solution on the throttle valve and
bore areas where deposits have accumulated. Wipe off the deposits with a clean
and soft shop towel.
5. After ETC throttle body cleaning is complete, reinstall all the removed parts in
reverse order of removal.
6. Torque the throttle body bolts to following specifications:
• NF Sonata 2.4L: 0.8~1.0 kgf.m (7.8~9.8 N.m, 5.8~7.2 lb.ft)
• All other 2.0L/2.4L: 1.0~1.2 kgf.m (9.8~11.8 N.m, 7.2~8.7 lb.ft)

NOTE: If the ETC gasket has been damaged or contaminated by foreign substances, it
must be replaced with a new one.

The battery must read above 10-volts and engine temperature must be above 41.5 degrees for learning to complete successfully.

1) Turn the ignition key ON for at least 10 seconds and then OFF for at least 10 seconds. This procedure allows the ECM to automatically learn the throttle valve position.

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