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Hyundai transmission codes

Fix Hyundai transmission codes

Hyundai vehicles may set off the check engine light and the computer may retain any of the following Hyundai transmission codes P0715, P0716, P0717, P0720, P0721 and P0722.

The problem may appear on the following models:

1999 and later Sonata

2001 and later Elantra

2001 and later Sante Fe

2001-2005 XG300/350

2006 and later Azera

2003 and later Tiburon

2007 and later Entourage.

The problem may present itself as the following symptoms:

• Check engine light on

• Harsh P-R or P-D engagement shock

• Transaxle in 3rd gear fail-safe

An improperly functioning input speed sensor or output speed sensor may cause those conditions.

Check the wiring harness visually for an open or short circuit to ground. Check for a pinched harness at the PCM/TCM attachment bolts.

Disconnect the connectors at the input and output speed sensor and PCM/TCM. Check for bent pins or pins not fully inserted into the connector.

If a harness open/short is found, repair or replace the ECM control harness between the PCM/TCM and transaxle.

P0722 ONLY: For 2006 and later Sonata, 2007 and later Entourage and 2006 and later Azera vehicles, check the ground bolt at the location shown in the accompanying photo. Confirm that the threads are clean and that the bolt is tight.

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