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In-line AC filter for compressor replacements

Add in-line AC filter after AC compressor failure

When an AC compressor fails, it can distribute shrapnel throughout the system. Flushing is mandatory at the very least and many manufacturers recommend replacing the condenser coil and receiver dryer as well. Even with those protective measures, you should still install an in-line AC filter to capture any metal shavings or other debris that remain in the system. Those particles can clog the new condenser, expansion valve/orifice tube and even damage the new compressor.

AirSept High Side Inline Filter™ traps debris in AC systems

Several companies make in-line AC filters, but those designs can result in reduced refrigerant flow. The AirSept High Side Inline Filter is different. The screen filter inside the unit is tapered to force the debris to the side and still allow full refrigerant flow. It works with expansion valve and cycling clutch orifice tube systems alike.

The filter installs on the metal portion of the high pressure line. Just cut out a small portion of the metal line using a tubing cutter. Install the filter and tighten the fittings.

The AirSept High Side Inline Filter is available in two sizes

AirSept 76100 fits SAE 5/16’, 3/8’ or 1/2′ lines
AirSept 77100 fits Metric 10mm or 12mm lines

Find the AirSept High Side Inline Filter at online and retail auto parts sellers.

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