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Infinity QX56 Low Power

Fix low power on Infinity QX56

Infinity QX56 owners are experiencing a problem with low power under heavy acceleration. You may also have a “Check Engine” light on. The problem is most likely a fuel delivery problem caused by a bum fuel pump

To diagnose the problem you’ll have to attach a fuel pressure gauge and conduct a stall test in your garage. To do that, set the parking brake and start the engine. Put your foot on the brake pedal and the transmission in gear. Then give it gas. Fuel pressure should hold steady at 45-psi. Limit the test to no longer than five seconds to avoid overheating the torque converter. If the pump can’t maintain the pressure, replace the pump.

The latest Infinity parts are: Part No. 17040-7S20A for 2004-06 vehicles, 17040-ZE00B for 2007 models. The O-ring goes by Part No. 17342-7S000, and is good for all years.


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