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Instrument cluster and gauges dead Chrysler minivan

Instrument cluster and gauges dead Chrysler minivan

If you own a 2001 or later Dodge Grand Caravan or Chrysler Town & Country van and your gauges are dead, the most common cause is a bad module that’s mucking up the digital data on the vehicle’s data bus.
Start by performing a self test on the cluster. Ignition switch should be in the locked position. Hold down the trip reset button until you see the word “Sof” and a number appear in the odometer window. If the cluster will not perform a self test, then the problem is in the cluster itself.
If you have a scan tool, try communicating with each module on the data bus. However, if you don’t have a scan tool, you’ll have to unplug each module one at a time until the data communication comes back up and the cluster responds. Then replace that module. For a list of all modules and their locations, buy a subscription to Alldata or Eautorepair.net

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