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Intermittent no crank no start – Ford

Fix a problem with an intermittent no crank no start on a Ford

Ford has discovered a problem in its starting circuit that affects a wide range of cars and trucks. The problem results in an intermittent no-crank no start condition. The problem is an intermittent open circuit between the starter relay and the starter motor. To correct the problem, Ford has issued a new starter terminal pigtail kit (Part #6U2Z-14S411-NA). The installation instructions are included with the kit.

1997-2004 F-150 Heritage trucks
1997-2006 Ford Expeditions
1997-2007 Ford Crown Victoria and
Mercury Grand Marquis
1998-2006 Ford E-series vans and
Lincoln Navigators
1999-2006 Ford F-Super Duty
2002-07 Ford Explorers and
Mercury Mountaineers
2003-05 Lincoln Aviators
2004-06 F-150 pickups
2007 Ford Explorer Sport Tracs


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