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Jeep AC blows warm

How to diagnose and fix Jeep AC blows warm condition

Jeep service bulletin may fix your Jeep AC blows warm problem

Chrysler has issued a service bulletin 24-006-10 to address a Jeep AC blows warm condition on 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles.

This bulletin applies to 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles. The A/C system may be
inoperative or may lose charge. This may be caused by a weld issue inside the service port on the liquid side. This condition is difficult to diagnose since the A/C gauge set (when connected) will cover-up the leak point. Chrysler has determined that the leak causing the Jeep AC blows warm condition is located inside the liquid line service port. The leak is caused by defective welding. To make the situation worse, connecting a manifold gauge set to the port actually stops the leak, making you think the leak is elsewhere

Jeep AC blows warm

Jeep AC liquid line

How to diagnose AC leak

Operate the AC system and check for compressor clutch engagement. If the clutch doesn’t engage, add enough refrigerant to override the low pressure cutoff feature. Once the compressor is running, remove the plastic cap from the liquid line service port and add a liquid leak detector. If the weld is leaking, the detector will bubble. If you see bubbles, evacuate the system, replace the liquid line and line seals, evacuate and recharge.

Chrylser part numbers:

55038059AF Line, A/C liquid

68086125AA Seal, A/C line


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