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Jeep cranks but won’t start condition

Diagnose and fix Jeep cranks but won’t start condition

Starting in 2007, Chrysler designed an intelligent fuse box called an Intelligent Power Module and then later changed to Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM). The TIPM receives digital commands from the body control module and ECM and then activates electrical accessories via relays built into the TIPM circuit board. Starting in 2011 several of the relays have become known failure points. The worst part is that Chrysler soldered these relays to the circuit board, turning a simple repair into a major repair.

Jeep Grand Cherokee Recall and Dodge Durango Recall

Chrysler issued recalls on the TIPM for the 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2011 Dodge Durango (Recall 14V530000: TIPM Fuel Pump Relay Replacement), but no other Chrysler products with the same problem. The recall included the installation of an external fuel pump relay.

Other problems with Chrysler’s TIPM

The poor TIPM design results in failures of the wipers, door locks, horn, backup lights and other systems.

Symptoms bad fuel pump relay Jeep cranks but won’t start

• It takes multiple tries to actually start the engine. The Dodge cranks but won’t start usually happens with the first start of the day. The problem gets worse over time and eventually won’t start at all.

• Battery is dead because relay stuck in the closed position and fuel pump runs constantly.

• Engine stalls while driving because fuel pump relay has failed or heat has caused the circuit board to expand and lose connection.

• Engine starts with a jump, but this only happens because higher voltage sometimes brings a relay on the edge back to life.

• Remote start works to start the engine because the feature disables power to other circuits in the vehicle, resulting in higher voltage available to the fuel pump relay.

Options to Fix for Jeep cranks but won’t start

Replace the TIPM with New or used unit

A new TIPM will cost you around $1,000 from the dealer.

used TIPM


Buy a used TIPM $350-$450 from tipmrebuilders.com

Have your TIPM rebuilt

Remove your current TIPM and have it rebuilt by verticalvisions.com/tipm-fuel-relay-solutions.html#vehicles

Choose the $199 service to repair fuel pump relay issues or a $249 service to replace door lock, wiper/washer and fuel pump relays.

Rebuilt TIPM

Rebuilt TIPM

Install TIPM Plug-In Fuel Pump Power Bypass circuit board

The bypass circuit board is a permanent fix and, depending on the year, make model is $60 or $140.
Find the board here:

TIPM fuel pump fix

TIPM fuel pump fix


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