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Jeep horn blows on its own

Diagnose and fix Jeep Horn Blows on its own condition

Jeep horn blows on its own and other electrical problems

If you have Jeep Horn Blows on its problem or the same problem on any mid-to-late 2000 Chrysler product, you can take consolation that you’re all in the same boat. In an ordinary vehicle, you’d be looking at an intermittent horn switch or a sticking horn relay. But these Chrysler products aren’t ordinary.

In addition to the Jeep horn blows on its own condition, you may also experience inoperative door lock or front windshield washers not working. Worse yet, you may find that the lights don’t work and the engine doesn’t always crank or cranks but won’t start.

Jeep horn blows on its own

All these electrical problems can be traced to the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM), which is one of Chrysler’s worst designs ever. The electrical systems in these vehicles are completely different. The horn, headlight, tail light, turn signal and wiper switches don’t actually switch the full power. Instead they act as input signals to either a body control module (BCM) or to the TIPM. It’s the TIPM that actually switches power and activates the horn, etc.

What goes wrong with the TIPM?

Corrosion. Yeah. Chrysler mounted the TIPM under the hood

TIPM totally integrated power module for Chrysler

The Totally Integrated Power Module sits under the hood

but didn’t take the time to seal it against the elements. So humidity and road salt enter the TIPM and corrode the connections, literally forming a salt bridge between the circuit board traces.

Diagnose Jeep horn blows on its own

To get a firm diagnosis, you’ll need a bi-directional scan tool to interrogate the TIPM and see if it’s getting a wiper ON command. If there’s no wiper on command from the switch, then the TIPM is doing it all by itself. In most cases, you’ll have to replace the TIPM.

Fix Jeep horn blows on its own

If you’ve confirmed that the horn switch is not commanding the horn and you’ve checked the wiring harness for indications of a short on the horn circuit, replace the TIPM. Then send a note to Chrysler telling them how much you appreciate their incredibly stupid engineering.

You can buy a new TIPM from the dealer or have your rebuilt. Contact these guys for prices on rebuilding

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