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Jeep no start

Diagnose and fix Jeep no start

Chrysler has issued a service bulletin #08-025-12 to address a Jeep no start or hard start condition on the vehicles listed below. The symptoms mimic a dead battery and result in a no-start, hard start, long crank condition after the vehicle sits for a few hours.

Cause of Jeep no start

Chrysler has determined that the radio software is at fault and is draining the battery, causing the starting problems. The radio electronics are supposed to go into “sleep mode” to reduce battery drain. In some cases, on the vehicles listed below, the radio “wakes up” and drains the battery at the rate of 2-amps continuously. The fix is a radio software update.

Vehicles covered by Chrysler service bulletin #08-025-12

2011 – 2012 (MK) Compass/Patriot (International vehicle only)
2011 – 2012 (PM) Caliber (International vehicle only)
2011 – 2012 (WK) Grand Cherokee (International vehicle only)
2011 – 2012 (WD) Durango (International vehicle only)

This bulletin applies to WD vehicles built between May 1, 2011 (MDH 0501XX) and January 10, 2012 (MDH 0110XX). WK vehicles built between May 1, 2011 (MDH 0501XX) and January 7, 2012 (MDH 0107XX) and PM/MK vehicles built between May 1, 2011 (MDH 0501XX) and January 06, 2012 (MDH 0106XX).
Equipped with Media Center 431CD/DVD/HDD Radio (sales code RB2).

You can update the radio software yourself using software update 68184231AA Update Disc (version 10.00.11)

Perform a radio software update

• Start the vehicle and turn the radio ON.

• Verify the radio’s current software version by pressing the “Menu” hard key on the face of the radio. Then press the “System Setup” on the touch screen. Next, press the “System Information” soft key.

If the software level under the title “Application” is lower than 10.00.11, continue to the next step to update the software.

• Press the load button, hard key and install the updated disc. The Radio will display “ Updating from (old software number) 10.00.XX to 10.00.11.”

• Select YES to continue. The screen will display “Please Wait,  Software update in progress”.

• The radio will reboot and then display the software update screen.

NOTE: This update my take up to 15 minutes, no other action will be needed, until the update is completed.

NOTE: Do not cycle the ignition or adjust the radio (volume, channels, est.) during the update process.

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