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Jetta won’t start

Jetta Cranks but won’t start Jetta, trouble code P0480

If you own a Volkswagon Jetta with the 2.5-l engine and find that it cranks when you turn the key but it won’t start and shows a P0480 trouble code, your problem may be as simple as a bad ground wire. The ignition coils in most vehicles get power when the key is in the RUN position and the ignition control module or the PCM provides ground when it wants a coil to fire. The VW is similar, but not exactly the same. The ignition coils get power from fuse #14, so check that first. Power flows to each coil on the red/green wire. The engine control module (ECM) provides a firing signal to the coils on the violet/gray, violet/blue, blue/violet, and red/violet wires. And the coils have two separate ground wires. It’s the ground wires that can cause misfires. One ground wire terminates on the cylinder head. The other ground wire goes to the electronic fan control. The ground for the electronic fan control terminates on the left front fender. Some shops report finding this ground either loose or corroded. If the ignition fuse is good, head right for this location and clean the ground to see if the problem goes away. If so, you’re done. If not, clean the other ground location at the cylinder head. If it still won’t start, you’ve got a different issue.

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