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Key not detected message Jeep, Durango

What causes key not detected message Jeep, Durango?

Chrysler has issued service bulletin 08-079-15 REV. B. to address a key not detected message Jeep, Durango on the vehicles listed below. This condition may happen when you enter the vehicle with your key fob, apply the brake and press the Stop/Start button. That’s when you see the “key not detected” message on the instrument cluster. Yet the fob works to lock and unlock the doors.

Vehicles affected by service bulletin 08-079-15 REV. B

2015 Dodge Durango (WD), Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK)
built on or before July 26, 2015 (MDH 0726XX).

Diagnose and fix Key not detected message Jeep, Durango

Remove fuse 51 (RFHM) (Ignition Node Module/Keyless- Ignition/Steering Column Lock) located in the PDC and wait for 30 sec.
Then re-install the fuse.
Verify you can start the vehicle normally.

key not detected

2015 Jeep, Durango Power Distribution Center Fuse Layout

If removing the fuse works, the fix is a software update for the Radio Frequency Hub Module (RFHM).

For more information on how to obtain a software update or “flash update,” see this post.

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