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Key won’t come out, key won’t turn

Key won’t come out of lock

Key won’t turn, key warning chime sounds with key out, Ford Focus

Ford has issued a technical service bulletin (TSB) 05-21-17 to address key and lock cylinder problems on 2000-05 Ford Focus vehicles. The problem may show as difficulty or complete inability to turn the key, inability to remove the key, the key in ignition chime rings even after you’ve removed the key.

This vehicle is equipped with a key removal inhibit circuit to prevent you from removing the key from the lock cylinder once you’ve shifted out of park. If you shift to any gear other than park, the inhibit circuit will not let you remove the key. If you try to remove the key in any other gear the control sees that attempt. To reset the system, you must shift to park, turn the key to RUN and then back to LOCK. If you’ve done that and still have the problem, troubleshoot the shift interlock device, since the key inhibit is part of that system.

If the key warning chime sounds with the key removed, replace the lock cylinder on 2005 model year vehicles manufactured prior to 7.1.04. For vehicles made after that date, refer to the troubleshooting charts in the shop manual.

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