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Keys locked in car

I locked my keys in my car

If you encounter a situation with keys locked in car, listen up: Years ago just about anybody with a slim-jim tool could enter a vehicle if they had keys locked in car. The locking mechanisms in those vehicles were linkages that could be lifted and forced to unlock. Not anymore. Car makers switched over cheaper and more theft resistant break-away cable operated mechanisms. If you use a slim-jim on a cable mechanism, not only will it not open the door, but you’ll break the mechanism. The repairs will cost far more that the cost of a locksmith. So what do you do when you’ve got a keys locked in car situation? If you don’t want to call a locksmith, you must own the proper tools.

STECK manufacturing makes a complete lockout kit – the BigEasy.steck big easy car lock kit I’m not posting this to help you steal cars, because once you get inside, you still have to defeat the anti-theft mechanisms that are standard on all late model vehicles. If you know how to defeat the anti-theft mechanisms, you already know how to break into the door. So don’t write to me and whine about why I posted this.

The BigEasy lock out kit consists of several parts.

First, there’s the nylon non-marring wedge. steck door wedgeYou insert the wedge at the very top corner of the door – it’s weakest point. Push the non-marring wedge in past the weather stripping.

Then insert the Easy wedge and pump it up to hold the corner open.steck inflatable door wedge

Next, insert the BigEasy lock knob lifter and the plastic protector to lift the unlock button or remove keys from the ignition. Purchase the Big Easy loop to grab a door handle.

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