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Kia defroster issue

Fix the defroster on Kia

If you have a Kia defroster issue, this post may help you diagnose the problem. Your Kia defroster is operated by a motor that connects to linkage that moves a door to change the direction of the airflow. When the controller fails you’ll most likely have Kia defrost issues. When that happens, Kia defaults the system to defrost mode to make sure the windshield is clear.

So if you have a problem switching airflow direction, that’s a “MODE” issue and it’s either the controller, mode actuator, mode linkage, or a sticking or binding mode door. To detect which part is causing the problem, remove the heater control unit and disconnect the electrical connect to the head. Wait 5-mins. Then reconnect and try again. If that works, the head was in a default defroster mode due to logic lockup. If the problem reoccurs, you may have a faulty head unit.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, try hot wiring the actuator. Connect battery power and ground to terminals 3 & 7 of the actuator and see if it moves the linkage. If so, reverse the power and ground to see if it moves the opposite direction. If the motor moves both way, the actuator is good. However, if the motor attempts to move but can’t, disconnect the actuator from the linkage and try moving the linkage by hand. If the linkage and door don’t move easily, you may have a warped mode door or damaged linkage.

If the motor doesn’t move at all, get a replacement at the dealer. They cost about $80

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