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No start – KIA Sephia

KIA Sephia won’t start

Kia has reported a no start problem with some 1998 Sephia models where the starter motor blows the 15-amp start fuse and leaves the owner with a no start condition. The no start problem has been traced to excessive resistance in the starter solenoid circuit caused by insufficient wire size of the starter solenoid wire. The small wire doesn’t allow enough current to energize the pull-in winding of the solenoid and if the user holds the key in the start position, the 15-amp fuse blows.

The no start problem was corrected for Sephia models built after 5-2-98. If your vehicle was built before that date, KIA advises that you install a relay kit in the engine compartment fuse/relay box. This kit (US980 67 KIT) consists of a relay, a 30-amp fuse, and a sub-harness that is to be installed between the engine compartment fuse relay box and the starter. Or, purchase a newer updated starter.


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