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Kia speedometer not working

Some shops are reporting a high number of Kia speedometer problems. In those cases the customer reports the Kia speedometer not working or the speedometer works intermittently. In addition, the customer complains the tachometer doesn’t work or is intermittent and the of a red brake light is on. This sometimes happens when the emergency brake is engaged. The problem with a Kia speedometer not working, tachometer not working or intermittent can often be traced to a loose ground strap. The particular ground strap in question is located below the center of the instrument cluster. The securing bolt may be loose. When that happens, the instrument cluster seeks ground through the emergency brake light ground cable, which can be the cause of the Kia speedometer not working. Locate the ground straps under the instrument cluster and wiggle them. If they’re loose, remove the ground strap, clean off any corrosion you may find and then securely fasten the ground strap.

Posted on by Rick Muscoplat


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