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Leaking antifreeze – Ford Escape

Fix Leaking antifreeze – Ford Escape

Ford has issued a TSB (06-7-2) for Leaking antifreeze on the 2006 Escape V-6 3.0L. The bulletin contains a fix for a leaking antifreeze degas bottle. The degas bottle is an updated version of the older “antifreeze reservoir.”
The main difference between the two is that a degas bottle is pressurized by the cooling system. Any air pockets in the engine vent into the degas bottle (theoretically).
Ford is known to have a problem with degas bottles on several of its vehicles. The coolant leaks from the seam of the bottle. However, often it’s difficult to see the leak unless the system is at operating temperature and the cooling system pressurized.

If you notice that you are leaking antifreeze, but cannot see a puddle under the vehicle, check out the degas bottle seams while hot. If you see any coolant on the outside of the bottle, replace it with an updated style. The TSB applies to certain build dates and you may still be eligible for warranty repair on this item.


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